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Company Profile

Words from the President Director

PT. Manito World, is a knitting export & import manufacturer, which has a business line in producing and exporting fashionable clothing and accessories.

Our garment factory was established in August 2005 in Cicurug-Sukabumi, West Java, about 1 and a half hour away from Jakarta.

Our factory facilities and other conditions can satisfy every customer’s compliance requirements. All of our facilities (factory building and machines) are of our own and all of our production equipments are new and imported from– Korean made products. Our new generator is also imported from Germany.

We have 14 lines (32 sewing machines/ line) and applications of EPTE (Bonded zone facility) are ready. The new spot cleaning equipment, the new lab-testing equipments, our new very secure loading and packing area with our new security systems are also provided for the customer’s satisfaction.

Our garment factory, PT. Manito World is a new one but our management staff teams have already had well experienced enough and our equipments and machines here are new and modern one. We always implement the best quality management system here and based on ISO 9001; 2000 and buyer’s standard because our most important goal and commitment are customer satisfaction.

We are ready to be a good business partner for the customers as our quality policy to be Your Best Knitting Partner.

If you are looking for a reliable partner and interested in our company, please feel free to contact us.

Thanks for your interest and support.

Kim Nam Hyun

Current Major Buyer

Previous Major Buyer

Short about PT Manito World’s Logo

“MANITO” derived from Italian language which has an intentional meaning, which means “Secret Friend”. Correct derivation of the word has the meaning as a “Secret Friend” or “Guardian Angel” being proved.

Manito can become your guardian angel in your surrounding whether you realize it or not.

Manito may bring peace, delight and happiness to everybody.

Company Flowchart

Organization Chart


1.) 107 Unit 1 needle standard machine Sunstar/Typical KM 250/GC-6 18 M
2.) 100 Unit 1 needle, high speed lock-stitch m/c with automatic thread trimmer Sunstar/Siruba KM 250 A 7S / L 818F
3.) 40 Unit Needle feedle-needle lock-stitch m/c with vertical edge trimmer Sunstar Km 530
4.) 198 Unit 2 needle 4-thread over-lock m/c Sunstar SC 9004
5.) 6 Unit Chain stitch interlock m/c Siruba 767 F-526M2-324
6.) 108 Unit Cylinder-bed 3-needle overlock stitch m/c Sunstar SC 7300
7.) 30 Unit Automatic 3 needle macine Sunstar SC 7310/N
8.) 2 Unit Electronically controlled bartacking sewing machine Sunstar SPS/C-B 1201(M)
9.) 3 Unit Thread suction machine Besta TSM-37
10.) 10 Unit Kansai Special “Brand Industrial Sewing Machine w/ Standard Acc.” Sunstar NM1103CL / UTC
11.) 3 Unit Electronically controlled button sewing machine Sunstar SPS/D-BH3000K
12.) 3 Unit Button hole sewing machine Sunstar SBF-20
13.) 2 Unit Metal Detector Hashima/Besta HN600C / CBS400M
14.) 2 Unit Fusing Press Machine Fullon Tech FL – 450
15.) 1 Unit Fusing Press Machine Lastar DY - 450
16.) 2 Unit Press for transfer machine Lastar DY – 3A
17.) 4 Unit Machine press printing Nissin NS – 38
18.) 5 Unit Snap Machine Golden Tiger / TKM
19.) 2 Unit Binding machine Taewoo / Dino TC – 38 / LU 933
20.) 5 Unit Impulse sealer poly-bag machine Double Leopard SP F 600
21.) 9 Unit Hand Knife KM KM KS – AUV
22.) 19 Unit Numbering Machine BLITZ 2234
23.) 1 Unit Material Inspection Machine (automatic) Besta DK-kl-92W
24.) 1 Unit Band Knife machine Lastar DY – 3400 A
25.) 7 Unit Cutting table knife machine Su Lee / Sunbird 260 / ST 3
26.) 1 Unit Spotting machine Lastar DY – 55`
27.) 1 Unit Laundry machine whirlpool gold ultimate care II Whirlpool 4PGSC9455JT
28.) 1 Unit Drying machine Whirlpool AWZ-220`
29.) 1 Unit Light-box Gretagmacbeth The Judge II
30.) 1 Unit Button Test Machine SafGuard
31.) 1 Unit Cutting Fabric Grammation
32.) 1 Unit Digital Weighting Machine (for Gram) Quattro FH 1000
33.) 2 Unit Cutting Label Machine Cutex TLC – 731
34.) 1 Unit Automatic Thread Winder Cutex TR 3N
35.) 54 Unit Vacuum Board TGP 150 x 90 TGP
36.) 20 Unit Vacuum Board TGP 120 x 60 TGP
37.) 1 Unit Generator 200 KVA silent type DEUTZ 200 KVA
38.) 1 Unit Generator 85 KVA silent type DEUTZ 85 KVA
39.) 1 Unit Vertical smoke tube steam boiler Super Boiler PHB – Small Pipe
40.) 3 Unit Compressor Super Power Super Power / Krisbow / LG Kurika C 08424019/MEC90/2HP
41.) 1 Unit Conveyor Machine Matari Y90L – 4
42.) 2 Unit Hand Lift Machine Soosung 400-170
43.) 1 Unit Refrigerated Type Compressed Air Dryer HYD HT Series
44.) 18 Unit Puller Racing Overlock MDK 61-2
45.) 6 Unit Steam Trap
46.) 50 Unit Iron Steam Trap
47.) 1 Unit Thickness Gauge Teclock SM – 112 (0.01-10 mm)
48.) 1 Unit Electronic Digital Calipers Teclock 0-150 mm
49.) 28 Unit Garment Factory Production counter SG - 2000

Uniforms in PT Manito World that Differs every Departments

Quality Control


Finishing Folding

Production Men

Production Women

Quality Assurance

Women Staff

Sewing Area

Sewing Line (Button & Bartack)

Transfer Pressing Machine and Pressing Temperature Measurement

Trimming Suction Machine & Fusing

Cutting Area

Fabric Relaxation & Fabric Inspection Area

Relaxation Rack

Fabric Inspection

Ironing Area

Finishing Inspection Area and Quality Comment Improvements

Metal Detection

Finishing Folding Area

Finishing Packing Area

Finish Good Area

Sample Room

Production Office

Raw Material Warehouse

Accessories Room

Spot Cleaning Room


Mechanic Room

Office Staff Room

Electric Control Panel and Generator Room

Laboratory Room

Lab Equipment



Company Name : PT. Manito World
Established : August 2005
CEO & President Director : KIM NAM HYUN
Maximum Capacity : 875.000 Pcs. /Month (For standard unit)
Employees : 1000 Persons
Address : Jl. Alternatif Sukabumi, Desa Tenjo Ayu, Kec. Cicurug RT 04/ RW 01, Sukabumi - West Java 43359 Indonesia
Telp. : (+62) 266 737 111 - 16
Fax : (+62) 266 737 000

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